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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

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The professional cosmetic approach

After palliative products, with transitory effects, and medical ones, often painful and excessively invasive, you can finally choose a new solution: the innovative BlancOne treatments, the only professional cosmetic treatments with hydrogen peroxide lower than 6%, making tooth whitening treatments a regular practice suitable for everybody.

The BlancOne in office cosmetic treatments are as effective as the traditional ones with higher concentrations, but they are faster to perform and do not cause sensitiveness.

Decide to change not only the idea of tooth whitening but also the way in which your patients live the office, taking the opportunity which the European regulation in force has offered. Everybody wishes to have a whiter smile: finally, thanks to the BlancOne treatments, you can fulfil this whish in a safe, effective and convenient way.

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The technology allowing a true whitening treatment at the speed of light!

The result of years of research, now available for you, the in-office cosmetic treatments BlancOne are the only ones which, thanks to their innovative photodynamic technology, develop highly reactive atomic oxygen starting from low concentrations of peroxide and at a speed not achievable by conventional treatments.


A contact time up to 20% shorter: full safety and comfort for your patients

Offer your patients the only cosmetic in-office treatments combining effectiveness and safety to guarantee immediately visible results without dehydrating the enamel or causing sensitivity.
No side effect, fast sessions and low costs will regularly draw happy patients to your office.


When regulations protecting patients advantage dental professionals

The European Directive 84/2011 regarding tooth whitening, the most advanced internationally for the protection of consumers, has placed these treatments solely in the hands of dental professionals. Take this incredible opportunity and you will satisfy your patients wish to have a whiter and healthier smile. An advantage for everybody


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