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BlancOne® CLICK
The fastest whitening treatment in the world
BlancOne® TOUCH
Intensive whitening treatment, fast and comfortable
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BlancOne® ULTRA
For medical treatments

BlancOne® ULTRA

For medical treatments

For important discolorations and difficult cases, thanks to BlancOne Ultra the results will be striking, up to 10 shades on the Vita Classic shade guide with 4/6 cycles of 4 minutes.

BlancOne® ULTRA is top of the range of the treatments BlancOne: POWERFUL AND FAST: whitening up to 10 shades EASY AND VERSATILE: it can also be activated by a regular curing lamp changing colour to indicate that the reaction has taken place SAFE: no dehydration of the enamel for a safe and lasting white Thanks to BlancOne® ULTRA you can offer your patients an exclusive whitening treatment with a unique technology. Thanks to its photodynamic technology, ULTRA breaks down the hydrogen peroxide in a few seconds developing singlet oxygen, a highly effective form of atomic oxygen. Thanks to its fast action BlancOne® ULTRA treatment:
  • guarantees NON-aggressive whitening
  • doesn’t increase temperature in the pulp chamber
  • doesn’t dehydrate the enamel
  • doesn’t contain desensitising agents
Thanks to its qualities, BlancOne ULTRA immediately results in a natural and stable shade of white, lasting in time, without having to follow particular diets. BlancOne® ULTRA is a medical treatment suitable for the most difficult situations, such as teeth stained by tetracycline or subject to endodontic therapy. Before activating the gel, with 29% hydrogen peroxide, the gingival barrier is positioned and in case of very dark shades you can perform up to 6 cycles in the same session to reach truly surprising results.

4 whitening cycles, 4 minutes each with the ARCUS lamp or equivalent in which the gel is applied, activated and removed. In case of particularly dark shades it’s possible to perform up to 6 cycles in the same session.

BlancOne® ULTRA is a medical whitening treatment (EU Directive 93/42). Use might be limited by local regulations in some EU countries.

Type of treatment: Medical, in office
Active ingredient: 29% Hydrogen peroxide
Protocol: 4 cycles, 4 minutes each with photoactivation*
Typical effectiveness: up to 10 shades
Recommended frequency: When necessary

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ULTRA individual treatment kit:
BlancOne® Gingival Barrier (1.2 ml), Dispenser BlancOne® ULTRA Photo Energetic Booster (1.6g), BlancOne® Hydrogen Peroxide (5 ml), Accessories

343010 - BlancOne® ULTRA
1 treatment box

*photo activation with whitening lamp BlancOne® Arcus

Thanks to BlancOne® ULTRA your patients’ smile has never been whiter!


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For medical requirements and difficult cases

For the worst cases of discolouration, as tetracycline stains, offer your patient BlancOne® ULTRA, the medical whitening which gives a whiter smile even in the most difficult cases