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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

BlancOne® CLICK
The fastest whitening treatment in the world
BlancOne® TOUCH
Intensive whitening treatment, fast and comfortable
BlancOne® HOME+
The fast and gentle home whitening treatment
Beauty and care RITUALS for your smile
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Beyond the borders of in office whitening treatments
BlancOne® ULTRA
For medical treatments

A beautiful smile is forever!
BlancOne helps you promoting your treatments and your office as an excellence centre for dental health and cosmetics.

White For Life is the programme which BlancOne has conceived for the health and beauty of smile combining dental hygiene and tooth whitening.

You can create different annual packages for your patients which include:

  • Regular check-up visits
  • Dental hygiene session
  • Tooth whitening
  • Home maintenance

Each package can be different according to the treatments, frequency and price.
Your patients will find what they need, creating a relationship based on trust which will draw them in your centre to maintain a top smile!

Here are some examples of annual packages:


Once a year:
– Check-up visit + Dental hygiene
– BlancOne® CLICK whitening treatment
– BlancOne® XTRA maintenance programme


Once a year:
– Check-up visit + Dental hygiene

Every 6 months:
– BlancOne® CLICK  whitening treatment
– BlancOne® XTRA maintenance programme


Every 6 months:
– Check-up visit + Dental hygiene

Every 3 months:
– BlancOne® CLICK whitening treatment
– BlancOne® XTRA maintenance programme


How to promote the White for Life packages

Offer your patients a programme for a healthier and whiter smile lasting a lifetime!
The White for Life packages, should be offered at a convenient price compared to the price of the individual treatments which are part of them, furthermore you will be able to encourage the purchase of the first annual package thanks to a special bonus, for example:

  • BlancOne Xtra welcome kit is a valuable addition and an ideal way to start a White for Life programme
  • Offer an intensive treatment TOUCH, instead of the first whitening treatment CLICK
  • Offer individual trays to combine CLICK and HOME with less frequent sessions
  • Offer as a present an Xtra maintenance programme in addition to those included in the package
  • Offer as a present a SEAL treatment (sealing and protective) to patients who smoke
  • Offer a discount on a second White for Life package for the partner of the patient purchasing it

Be creative and proactive…
a White for Life patient… is for ever!