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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

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The fastest whitening treatment in the world
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Intensive whitening treatment, fast and comfortable
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The fast and gentle home whitening treatment
Beauty and care RITUALS for your smile
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Beyond the borders of in office whitening treatments
BlancOne® ULTRA
For medical treatments

BlancOne® reinvents tooth whitening

Promotions and Open Days

BlancOne is on your side with several marketing initiatives to promote tooth whitening and make the public aware of its innovative treatments.

The promotional initiatives can vary or be non-available in some countries.

Open Days are days dedicated to tooth whitening organized by your Centre with the help of BlancOne, making available for you the exclusive Open Day promotion with several advantages for your patients, lots of promotional materials both in digital and hard copies together and consulting by our qualified personnel. The objective of an Open Day is to supply information regarding tooth whitening, offer the opportunity to watch a demonstration, let your clients try the BlancOne treatments and bring new patients to your Centre. An Open Day can be organised as the opening of your new BlancOne Centre, but also to celebrate a special occasion such as the refurbishing or attainment of a new qualification amongst the BlancOne Centres!

BlancOne promotions

Several times during the year, in particular moments or occasions, BlancOne organises special promotions addressed to the public and promoted by means of campaigns on the social channels, to bring new Clients in the participating Centres. Promotions are limited, lasting one or more months and they always include exclusive gadgets and promotional materials for the participating centres. Don’t miss this opportunity, ride the promotional campaigns BlancOne.

Welcome new patients and offer them something special