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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

BlancOne® CLICK
The fastest whitening treatment in the world
BlancOne® TOUCH
Intensive whitening treatment, fast and comfortable
BlancOne® HOME
The fast and gentle home whitening treatment
BlancOne® XTRA
Home programme for a whiter smile
BlancOne® ULTRA
For medical treatments

BlancOne® Xtra

Home programme for a whiter smile

  • It prolongs results of professional whitening
  • It removes plaque and superficial stains
  • It takes care of both health and beauty of your smile thanks to simple everyday gestures
For those who want to prolong the results obtained thanks to a treatment in office, or do not want imperfections in their smile, offer BlancOne®  Xtra:  BlancOne®  DUETTO and BlancOne®  STICK. BlancOne®  DUETTO is a professional solution based on two different gels, ACTIVE and CARE, to be used alternatively instead of regular toothpaste. The combined action of the two gels gently removes plaque and superficial stains, nourishing and protecting gums and reinforcing the enamel. BlancOne®  STICK is a whitening pen with 16% carbamide peroxide which, activated by brushing with the silicone tip, releases active oxygen to remove nicotine, coffee, tea, food and drinks stains. Your patients can carry it with them to have a bright and shining smile on important occasions.

You can combine BlancOne®  Xtra to all in-office treatments to prolong their effectiveness and stability.

A BlancOne®  STICK pen and a BlancOne®  DUETTO kit are sufficient for a home maintenance cycle of 3 months, during which, care of one’s smile and maintenance of the shade of white obtained through a treatment in office become an everyday habit.    

DUETTO: two gels (Active and Care) to be used alternatively instead of regular toothpaste.
STICK: whitening stick to use on teeth as a weekly routine.

Type of treatment: 3 months maintenance programme
Active ingredient: 16% – (HP 5.6%) Carbamide peroxide
Protocol: Stick – for 4 weeks** / Duetto – daily use
Typical effectiveness: 1/2 shades
Recommended frequency: 2/4 times per year

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The treatment Xtra is made of two products:

014000 - BlancOne® STICK
Home maintenance stick (4ml)
017001 - BlancOne® DUETTO – 2 toothpaste gels kit
BlancOne® DUETTO ACTIVE - Intensive whitening (75 ml)
BlancOne® DUETTO CARE – Tooth and gums serum (75 ml)

**2 initial weeks the first month + 1 week per month in the following months

BlancOne® Xtra is the daily whitening treatment which refines and renews every day your work in the office, a “Labyrinth thread” which will draw your patients to your office for the next treatment!


The full range of BlancOne treatments:

The fastest whitening in the world

Intensive, fast and comfortable treatment

Professional home treatment

Beauty and care RITUALS for your smile

For medical requirements and difficult cases

For the worst cases of discolouration, as tetracycline stains, offer your patient BlancOne® ULTRA, the medical whitening which gives a whiter smile even in the most difficult cases