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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

BlancOne® CLICK
The fastest whitening treatment in the world
BlancOne® TOUCH
Intensive whitening treatment, fast and comfortable
BlancOne® HOME+
The fast and gentle home whitening treatment
Beauty and care RITUALS for your smile
BlancOne® ULTRA+
Beyond the borders of in office whitening treatments
BlancOne® ULTRA
For medical treatments

BlancOne® reinvents tooth whitening

The revolutionary BlancOne® technology

Choose innovation: offer your patients true professional cosmetic whitening treatments

BlancOne® has developed a technology which can break down peroxides at a speed unachievable by traditional systems… „at the speed of light”.
Today this amazing revolution in tooth whitening is at your disposal with benefits never offered before:

  • Low percentages of hydrogen peroxide
  • No gingival barriers
  • Highly reliable results
  • No sensitivity
  • No dehydration
  • Fast and comfortable sessions

Thanks to the BlancOne®treatments you’ll be able to avoid those sensitivity issues typical of the traditional whitening systems, in fact they are the only ones on the market which do not contain desensitising and remineralising agents.
Without having to recur to high percentages of hydrogen peroxide and long contact times, BlancOne treatments use a real photodynamic technology which:

  • Uses the energy of photons combined with special photosensitive colorants and energy catalysts
  • Breaks down peroxide through hyper accelerated photochemical chain reactions
  • Develops a large quantity of highly reactive atomic oxygen (singlet) for an intense, fast and safe oxidising power.

After years of experience in „power bleaching” with high percentages of hydrogen peroxide, BlancOne® has implemented this technology launching in 2016, the first truly effective in-office cosmetic treatments:

  • Based on 16% (HP 5.6%) carbamide peroxide
  • Without using gingival barriers
  • With protocols starting from 10 minutes and which can be combined with the dental hygiene session
  • Complying with EU Directive 2011/84




The BlancOne® professional cosmetic whitening treatments are:

  • BlancOne® CLICK: only 10 minutes, in office, right after the dental hygiene session and a small extra charge it provides whiter teeth without gingival barriers (4/5 shades).
  • BlancOne® TOUCH: the intensive in-office whitening treatment, without preparation, in a fast session, with 3 cycles, 8 minutes each, it can result in an improvement of 4/8 shades on the VITA classic shade guide.
  • BlancOne® XTRA: the home white maintenance programme, with small daily gestures, through a combined action of the treatments DUETTO and STICK, which can maintain in time the shade of white reached.
  • BlancOne® HOME: 3 in 1 home whitening treatment capable of whitening teeth in a fast way, reinforcing the enamel and protecting the gums.

For medical requirements and difficult cases

  • BlancOne® ULTRA: the in-office medical treatment for difficult cases which can reach whitening results up to 10 shades on the VITA classic shade guide in 4/6 cycles 4 minutes each

Photo activating lamp BlancOne ARCUS

The BlancOne technological innovation is made possible also thanks to the exclusive BlancOne Arcus lamp. Even though BlancOne treatments can be activated with any good quality whitening lamp, ARCUS offers several advantages:

  • The BlancOne treatments have been conceived for a top performance with BlancOne Arcus lamp
  • 10 powerful 5 watt led lights guarantee top effectiveness and the fast times indicated by BlancOne protocols
  • The broad arch and the location of the led up to its edges, guarantee the complete activation of the gel from premolar to premolar

In just a few minutes, without raising the temperature on the teeth and dehydrating the enamel, offer your patients whiter teeth in a professional, reliable and safe way.

Choose to offer these treatments to your patients: Become a BlancOne® Centre and you will be able to suggest personalised solutions to your patients