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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

BlancOne® CLICK
The fastest whitening treatment in the world
BlancOne® TOUCH
Intensive whitening treatment, fast and comfortable
BlancOne® HOME
The fast and gentle home whitening treatment
BlancOne® XTRA
Home programme for a whiter smile
BlancOne® ULTRA
For medical treatments

BlancOne® HOME

The fast and gentle home whitening treatment

  • For those patients who prefer home whitening treatments
  • As a follow-up procedure after a treatment performed in the office
  • As a maintenance and restoration procedure at a later date from the first treatment
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A whiter and brighter smile from the first application. Offer your patients BlancOne HOME, the new home whitening treatment which, thanks to its two-component formulation is quickly activated allowing thus faster applications compared to the traditional systems, guaranteeing top results in a very short time and with fewer applications. Finally, comfort of the daily treatments and guaranteed effectiveness even in a few hours’ sleep!
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BlancOne HOME is the complete home whitening system for a healthier and brighter smile:

TRIPLE ACTION In addition to the whitening action, the gel contains micronized hydroxyapatite which, during the treatment bonds to the enamel repairing and reinforcing it. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid, the gel creates a barrier which nourishes and protects the gums. GENTLE TO THE ORAL CAVITY The low viscosity gel minimises dehydration of the enamel limiting sensitivity issues and, thanks to its physiological pH (5.6 – 6.0), is not aggressive towards mucous membranes and enamel, minimising the risk of irritation of the gingival tissues. Define the most suitable BlancOne HOME treatment for you patients’ needs. You can choose in fact between the two versions available:

BlancOne HOME DAY Day-time treatment (2 – 3 hours): 16% Carbamide (HP 5.6%)

BlancOne HOME NIGHT Night-time treatment (overnight): 10% Carbamide (HP 3.5%)

BlancOne HOME meets all your requests: its packages are indeed very versatile. All treatments are individually packed in one-week treatments bags and the patient kit is available separately.

Show your patients the improvement in their shades of white!

Scan the QRCode of the BlancOne Home box with the BlancOne App: you will be able to record your patient’s PRE-treatment smile and keep track of the shade of white and improvements achieved. At the end of your patients’ whitening programme, and once they’ll return for a check-up, you will be able to prolong the treatment for an additional week or terminate it and take a POST-treatment picture which will show the effectiveness of the results!

Type of treatment: Home daily
Active ingredient: 16% (HP 5.6%) Carbamide peroxide
Protocol: 2-3 hours per day

Kind of treatment: Home nightly
Active ingredient: 10% (HP 3.5%) Carbamide peroxide
Protocol: Overnight

Length and effectiveness of DAY and NIGHT treatments

Typical effectiveness: 6/7 shades
Recommended frequency: once a year

Typical effectiveness: 4/5 shades
Recommended frequency: 2/4 times per year

Compare the BlancOne treatments

Each HOME (DAY or NIGHT) one-week treatment kit contains: 1 One 3.2 ml whitening gel syringe, one 1.6 ml activator gel syringe, 1 tip + 1 connector

BlancOne® HOME DAY CP16%
015020 – SINGLE - 2 one-week treatment kits box.
015022 – BULK - 8 one-week treatment kits box.
BlancOne® HOME NIGHT CP10%
015010 – SINGLE 2 one-week treatment kits box.
015011 – BULK - 8 one-week treatment kits box.

Each patient’s kit contains:
2, 1mm, soft plates for trays, tray holder box, BlancOne DUETTO, instructions for use, colour guide, pouch bag to store all items.

015000 - BlancOne® HOME PATIENT KIT
4 patients’ kit box

Thanks to BlancOne® Home, much more than a home whitening treatment, great versatility in protocols and top effectiveness in a reduced period.


The full range of BlancOne treatments:

The fastest whitening in the world

Intensive, fast and comfortable treatment

Professional home treatment

Beauty and care RITUALS for your smile

For medical requirements and difficult cases

For the worst cases of discolouration, as tetracycline stains, offer your patient BlancOne® ULTRA, the medical whitening which gives a whiter smile even in the most difficult cases