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BlancOne® Stick

Home maintenance whitening stick

  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Effective and prolonged action
  • Ideal for the removal of stains

Fast and easy-to-use with an effective action

BlancOne® STICK is a whitening stick ideal to remove stains from nicotine, coffee, tea, pigmenting food and drinks and to maintain the results of the professional in-office whitening treatment for a longer time.

Practical and fast use

The pen contains a 16% carbamide peroxide whitening gel (5.6% hydrogen peroxide).
By rotating the back of the pen, the gel is extruded onto the tip and can be applied directly on the teeth, the application is completed in approximately a couple of minutes.

Exclusive silicon tip

It allows to gently brush the teeth surface, without abrasion, in order to dissolve the plaque biofilm and, at the same time rapidly activate the peroxide gel, releasing active oxygen.
Washable with running water for a better hygiene of the product.

Ideal to maintain and revitalise your teeth shade of white.

Suggest your patients the use of this product to stabilise the results of their in-office treatment, and to further use it periodically for maintenance, removal of tea, coffee, nicotine stains, or simply as a make-up solution to brighten their smile.

All BlancOne® STICK uses


Use once a day, for 2 weeks, immediately after the professional in-office treatment, to stabilise the result.


Up to once a month, a week cycle can be performed, using the stick once a day to refresh the teeth shade of white.

Removal of stains

To be applied in the morning and at night, brushing the stained surface thoroughly. To be repeated until the stains disappear.

NOTE: If the stain does not disappear within a few days, the treatment needs to be suspended and a dentist needs to be consulted.

Make up

Before special occasions, apply the gel on both arches for a brighter smile.

BlancOne STICK
The BlancOne® STICK treatment consists of:
a daily application before going to bed
for 2 weeks to stabilise the in-office treatment
1 week per month for maintenance

16% Carbamide peroxide (5.6% hydrogen peroxide)

BlancOne STICK
Whitening stick – 4ml

Glycerin, propylene glycol, carbamide peroxide 16%, deionized water, carbomer, aroma (Mint), disodium EDTA, limonene, sodium saccharin, sodium hydroxide.

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