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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

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BlancOne PRO: a powerful professional tool for BlancOne whitening professionals.

BlancOne PRO: a powerful professional tool for BlancOne whitening professionals.

The new BlancOne PRO App is now even faster and more effective, allowing you to:

  • earn educational credits by scanning the QR code on each treatment, to increase your professional qualifications and consequently those of the dental offices you work in;
  • remember, by completing the BlancOne Academy courses you have more chance of acquiring educational credits!
  • earn fan-shop points and receive free gadgets and marketing materials for you and your dental offices;
  • profile your patients, obtaining a difficulty index for the case and an indication of the recommended treatments;
    Entering the data, the BlancOne PRO app is able to suggest the best treatment for each of your patients, respecting their needs and the characteristics of their smile.
  • record the shade of white, choosing between two colour scales (VITA Classical and VITA Bleaching 3D Master) to measure the shade of white;
  • Create and manage treatment cards simply and intuitively, to gather all relevant information (eating habits which could negatively affect the whitening, type of treatment, before and after colour and photos, any side effects, matching maintenance products, check-ups, etc.).
  • have an efficient database at your disposal, with statistics that allow you to monitor and develop your whitening business;
  • At the end of the treatment, you can combine one or more products in the BlancOne Rituals line, which includes products that care for your patients’ beautiful smiles, ideal for maintaining the results of the BlancOne® professional whitening treatments over time.
  • simply select from the Dental offices in which you work the one where you are performing the treatments;
  • save the before/after treatment photos on your device
  • give your patient the certificate of the treatment performed and have them leave you a review.

Only for BlancOne Authorised Professionals and Dental Offices

Seeing the results, your patient will be even more satisfied and motivated to schedule “smile services” (combined if required with dental hygiene sessions) with periodic treatments and maintenance products, thus joining a beautiful and healthy smile maintenance programme.

White For Life
Create a solid, recurrent dental whitening business

Increase your Professional Qualifications as a BlancOne Dental Office

Whenever you perform a BlancOne treatment, by scanning the QR code on the treatment pack with the App:

  • earn Credits to increase your professional qualification (Pro, Expert, Master…)
  • the Dental Offices you work in also earn qualifications (Silver, Gold, Elite…) and more visibility on the BlancOne Dental Offices map and the BlancOne Instagram and Facebook pages
  • earn Fan-Shop Points to spend in the shop for promotional materials for you and the Dental Office

Even more educational credits with the BlancOne Academy

You can increase your whitening skills and earn more learning credits by taking part in and passing the courses offered by the BlancOne Academy.

But there’s so much more in the BlancOne PRO app…

With data collected from thousands of cases, BlancOne has created a full-scale permanent observatory that:

  • assesses the effectiveness of treatments
  • gathers patient feedback
  • traces their demographic profile

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No line of whitening treatments has ever offered so much!
Take advantage of the tools to develop your whitening business