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The BlancOne® Centre: teeth whitening excellence

BlancOne® is not only synonymous for innovative and safe treatments, but also a guarantee that they are carried out in a professional and qualified centre, as specified by the European Directive on teeth whitening. BlancOne Authorised Centres are qualified dental offices that are specialised in teeth whitening and equipped with the most innovative instruments to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Through an interactive App you’ll be able to see the result that you can expect to obtain and then choose, together with your dentist, the right solution for you. A photograph will be taken of the result obtained.
By accessing an online reserved area you can:

  • Consult your chart with pictures before and after the treatment.
  • Evaluate the BlancOne® treatment. Because your opinion is important!
  • Win a BlancOne® prize right away and participate in our contests by sharing your smile.
  • Take part in our programs that will keep your smile at its best.

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