This is BlancOne…


In a world where the ideal of a white smile is a train on which low quality products jump, products with uncertain ingredients and short-lived results or very expensive ones, not at all delicate, we strongly believe that only a professional product, from a network of experts, is able to provide the right value to the smile of those looking for a safe and efficient solution.

Smiling is part of ourselves. It has always been so.

By smiling we communicate also when words are failing us, out of shyness or respect...

Taking care of our smile cannot be a privilege for the few.

BlancOne does not require distinctive features.

BlancOne is for:

THOSE who would like to be more self-confident;
THOSE who want to be happy with themselves, notwithstanding what other people think;
THOSE who want to be successful;

THOSE who want to improve themselves and feel at ease on any occasion;
THOSE who always want to be flawless;
THOSE who, even if they do not like to admit it, deep inside like to be complimented;

THOSE who want to give love and comfort even only with a small gesture;
THOSE who love making new friends and sharing carefree moments;

A smile is
for everyone.

It goes beyond gender, age, skin colour, social status.

Thanks to our product BlancOne Click, the ideal starting point for a safe and effective whitening treatment, we provide health and beauty; unconditionally, safely, quickly and at a very reasonable price, at everybody’s reach.

10 minutes for a new life and new impulse of your smile.


Thanks to BlancOne, people can gain a new awareness, self-confidence, and serenity. A genuine smile is the first step towards honest social interactions.

BlancOne shall work, grow and change with the sole aim not to miss this goal.


A smile is a universal value. It is something that can open communications between people, it is kindness, it opens our hearts, it is a gift to other people, it’s looking at life without taking things too seriously.

We should all smile more. For ourselves and for other people.
A smile has a huge value.

It is the soundtrack of our life.

This is our world.
Not only tooth whitening professionals but smile ambassadors too.
BlancOne provides another reason to smile.
Find the nearest BlancOne centre.
To immediately start a new, extraordinary experience of beauty and care of your smile.