BlancOne reinvents tooth whitening

By using an innovative technology not invasive as the ones used by many.

BlancOne is safety, comfort and professionalism.
BlancOne® is the result of the experience of IDS, a family-run company in the dental field for 3 generations to improve dentistry and the health of the oral cavity.

IDS history starts in the 1950s thanks to Ottavio Picarelli, son of a painter and grandson of a sculptor whose works embellish the Athens academy.

Ottavio is a renown professional, but also a pioneer, always looking for new solutions and innovations for the dental care and health.

It is his son Augusto who continues his father project, founding, at the end of the 1970s the Company IDS, bound to become, in time, one of the leader companies within the Italian dental field.

Today, IDS is a Company with an international outlook, benefitting from the best research, technology and production resources, ot only in Italy, but in Europe, America and Asia too.

For 60 years IDS has been focusing on the research and development of intelligent, practical and valuable solutions for the care of the oral cavity and beauty of people’s smile.

In addition to the professional products sold in Italy and abroad, IDS target includes the general public with products for the oral hygiene available in pharmacies ( and with the innovative BlancOne tooth whitening treatments.

The latter represent a complete innovation within the tooth whitening field..

Dedicated to professional tooth whitening, BlancOne, compared to over the counter products which can be purchased in pharmacies or at supermarkets, offers treatments solely performed and sold by professionals in dental centres.

Its whitening treatments are based on a formidable technological innovation and scientific research resulting in effective products with the maximum comfort and without sensitivity.

BlancOne is constantly working on this innovative element to be able to offer people a new awareness, self-confidence and serenity, through the beauty of their smile.

BlancOne is growing and changing with the sole aim not to miss this goal.