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Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

Become a BlancOne centre

BlancOne® CLICK
The fastest whitening treatment in the world
BlancOne® TOUCH
Intensive whitening treatment, fast and comfortable
BlancOne® HOME
The fast and gentle home whitening treatment
BlancOne® XTRA
Home programme for a whiter smile
BlancOne® ULTRA
For medical treatments

BlancOne® reinvents tooth whitening

Marketing available for the BlancOne Centres

As an authorised BlancOne centre the most suitable tools will be available to help you promoting whitening treatments.
You can receive all marketing materials and merchandising for free by means of the Fan Shop Points obtained using the BlancOne PRO App.

Some marketing materials might vary or not being available in some countries.

Welcome kit

The first free marketing tools at your disposal to start promoting your office as a BlancOne centre, specialised in professional cosmetic treatments

Personalised materials with the name of your centre, conceived just for you

To promote your BlancOne Centre even out of your office, by means of mailing, events and commercial enterprises.


to satisfy your patients and add further value to the BlancOne treatments.

BlancOne Gift Card

Personalised and in durable PVC material it can be combined to the elegant Gift Case containing a booklet with a “dedication” with photographs and aphorisms about smiling. BlancOne Gift Card therefore become a personal gift and a truly targeted promotion tool. Conceived to give your Centre support in promoting the whitening treatments among your patients and their friends, it can also be used out of the Centre, by means of cross marketing operations, for example with beauty centres, hairdressers, gyms, SPA, for large-scale promotion of your office.

Many opportunities are available for you to draw new patients and win the loyalty of your current ones