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European Regulations at your advantage

Be the first to seize the amazing advantages offered by the European regulations! Now, in fact, proper whitening treatments can be carried out only in dental care centres.

The European Directive 2011/84, by removing from the free market products based on >0.1% hydrogen peroxide, has entrusted whitening treatments solely to dental professionals with the task of making these practices accessible to patients in a safe way.

You will be the only one able to meet the growing request of your patients for a whiter smile in a safe and reliable way.

Thanks to BlancOne you will be able to offer your patients, for the first time, in-office cosmetic whitening treatments in line with the regulations:

  • Safe for tooth enamel
  • Easy to apply and pain free
  • Effective and with immediately visible results
  • An affordable price for all

Take advantage of the regulations and share the main points: together with BlancOne® you take care of dental health giving your patients the white they wish for thanks to cosmetic professional treatments.



What the European Regulations state about dental whitening

The European Directive 2011/84/EU is the most innovative and advanced legislation on an international level, concerning safety and protection of consumers.
It acknowledges the conclusions of the Scientific Committee for the Safety of the Consumers (CSSC) creating a new legislative framework for whitening treatments with the aim of protecting consumers from the abuse of these products and a market without controls.

Abstract from EU DIRECTIVE 2011/84 OF THE COUNCIL

(3) The CSSC believes that using products for tooth whitening or bleaching with a percentage of hydrogen peroxide higher than 0.1 % and up to 6%, present or released from other compounds or mixtures contained in such products, is to be considered safe if the following conditions are met:

a proper clinical examination is carried out in order to guarantee the lack of risk factors or of any other serious oral condition
• exposition to these products must be limited in order to guarantee that the products are used only according to indications, in terms of frequency and application time

Such conditions should be met in order to avoid improper uses to be reasonably expected.

(4) It is therefore necessary to regulate such products to guarantee that they are not directly accessible to consumers.

For each cycle of use of such products, the first use should be limited to dental professionals… or it should take place only under their direct supervision if an equivalent level of safety is guaranteed.

Dentists should then allow access to such products for the rest of the cycle.

Whitening products classification

On the basis of the percentage of hydrogen peroxide released

Classification as Medical Devices is not recognised by the EU, but it’s still used by several member States.
Therapeutic purposes (severe dyschromia – tetracyclines).
Can be applied solely by dentists or dental hygienists.
Complying with new EU regulations.
Medical treatment with aesthetic-cosmetic purposes.
Can be used by dentists or under their supervision, as long as the same level of safety is guaranteed.
Free sale to the public.
Personal use products with cosmetic purposes.
Used at home or at non-dental centres.

Use the European Regulations at your advantage