Fast and delicate home tooth whitening treatment.

BlancOne® HOME is the professional whitening treatment, with customised trays,

which can be performed at home to maintain the top results obtained in office.

The results are immediately visible and can be improved further by continuing your smile well-being routine.

Thanks to its bicomponent formulation, you can have immediately visible improvements in the shade of white, with faster applications compared to the traditional systems, without dehydrating the enamel or irritating the mucous membranes.

3 actions in just 1 treatment. In addition to providing whiter teeth, the BlancOne® Home gel, thanks to hyaluronic acid, creates a barrier which nourishes and protects the gums, moreover the micronized hydroxyapatite binds to the enamel repairing and strengthening it.

Thanks to the gel low viscosity, the trays do not need the use of reservoirs, BlancOne® HOME can be used with the clear orthodontic aligners, with a saving on the cost of individual trays.

BlancOne® HOME is the ideal choice to be combined with one of our in-office treatments, offering immediate results and long-term stability, in the comfort of your home.

Typical effectiveness
5-10 shades of white
Recommended frequency
6-12 months
Price range

*trays not included.
(variable according to the cycles)
3 IN 1

3 actions in just one treatment: whitening teeth, regenerating the enamel and protecting gums.


You can easily choose and repeat the treatment from home according to your objectives.


If you have orthodontic aligners, or, having purchased the whitening trays, you only need to purchase a BlancOne HOME recharge kit to repeat the treatment.

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BlancOne® HOME acts

The BlancOne® HOME treatment involves the use of customized trays which will be supplied by your dentist together with the whitening gel available in two formulations.

With BlancOne® HOME, you can choose when to perform the whitening treatment:

  • with BlancOne® HOME DAY (16% carbamide peroxide) you can take care of the beauty of your smile during the day in 2 – 3 hours of absolute comfort;
  • with BlancOne® HOME NIGHT This lower concentration formulation is also ideal in case of sensitive teeth for a daily, 1-2 hours use.

Each BlancOne HOME kit allows a 7–10-day treatment cycle. According to the objective to be reached, 1 to 3 consecutive cycles can be performed based on the indications of the dental professional.

Once you own your customized trays, you will be able to easily repeat the treatment and maintain your top smile!

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To continue the extraordinary experience of care and beauty of your smile.

BlancOne® HOME is a cosmetic whitening treatment complying with Directive 2011/84/EU.

The European Directive 84/2011 represents, on an international level, the regulation regarding tooth whitening which most safeguards consumers. In full compliance with such regulations, BlancOne offers, for the first time, a set of cosmetic tooth whitening treatments combining the safety offered by the low concentrations of oxygen peroxide and the competence of dental professionals together with immediate results, lack of side effects and affordable prices.
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