BlancOne® HOME

The professional teeth whitening you can do at home

Do you want to take care of the white of your smile at home and always have results at the top? From today you can with BlancOne HOME.

Thanks to its bicomponent formulation you get evident improvements in the tone of white, with faster applications than traditional systems, without dehydrating the enamel or irritating the mucous membranes.


It whitens the teeth, protects the gums, strengthens the enamel.
In addition to giving you whiter teeth, the BlancOne Home gel, thanks to hyaluronic acid, creates a barrier that nourishes and protects the gums, moreover the micronized hydroxyapatite bonds to the enamel, repairing and strengthening it.

The BlancOne Home treatment involves the use of customized trays that will be provided to you by your dentist together with the whitening gel which is available in two formulations
With BlancOne Home, you can choose when whitening: with BlancOne Home DAY (Carbamide Peroxide 16%) you can treat the beauty of your smile during the day in 2 – 3 hours in absolute comfort, or with BlancOne Home NIGHT (Peroxide Carbamide 10%) give new white to your teeth during the night while you sleep.

BlancOne Home is an extremely flexible treatment. It can be done both as a standalone treatment, in just 2 weeks of treatment you can improve the whiteness of your teeth up to 7 shades comfortably in your home, or be combined with one of our in office treatments thus joining the immediacy of the result to the long-term stability.

Moreover, once you have your own customized trays, you can easily repeat the treatment in a convenient way to keep your smile always at the top!