Beauty and care RITUALS for your smile

The BlancOne® Rituals set includes products designed for the beauty and care of your smile, ideal to maintain in time the results obtained thanks to BlancOne® professional whitening treatments.

These are simple and fast daily rituals to be performed in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Purity Ritual

BlancOne® BRUSH

Whitening Toothbrush

The BlancOne® BRUSH whitening toothbrush with special extra-soft bristles with activated carbon that absorbs bacterial plaque for effective cleaning of teeth and gums. Activated charcoal reduces bad breath and counteracts the formation of stains on dental enamel.

Clarity Ritual


Whitening Toothpaste

The toothpaste carries out an intensive whitening action thanks to the triple combined action of natural enzymes to dissolve the plaque, non-aggressive stain removing agents to remove superficial stains and peroxide crystals to release oxygen for a deep tooth whitening action.

Balance Ritual

BlancOne® Duetto CARE

Teeth and gums serum

The teeth and gums serum is based on a set of natural components and active ingredients, to guarantee an anti-bacterial and anti-oxidising action, supplying vitamins, re-mineralising the enamel and carrying out a delicate polishing action.

Brightness Ritual

BlancOne® STICK

Teeth whitening pen

The whitening pen can be used to stabilise the results of in office treatments, as a periodical maintenance procedure to revive the white of your teeth and remove stains or simply as a make-up procedure to brighten your smile.

Protection Ritual

BlancOne® LIPS

Lip Balm

Lips are a frame for your smile, BlancOne© LIPS balm, thanks to a 100% natural formula, bees wax, hempseed oil, shea butter and Vitamin E, protects your lips from free radicals, nourishing and hydrating them with a delicious flavour.

Discover the morning and night rituals thanks to the BlancOne® RITUALS set

BlancOne® RITUALS box is a perfect and exclusive set which will become part of the daily beauty and care routine of your smile.
Follow the Morning Rituals and Night Rituals for excellent results and a 3-month maintenance programme for the white of your smile.

Smile Box
A box full of your brightest smiles.

The BlancOne® RITUALS set is enclosed in a limited edition and exclusive metal box available in different versions.
The SMILE BOX will become your memory box where you can collect pictures, small objects and cards connected to happy moments of your life.

Each metal box includes: 1 BlancOne® BRUSH, 1 BlancOne® DUETTO Active, 1 BlancOne® DUETTO Care, 1 BlancOne® STICK, 2 BlancOne® LIPS

Recommended price € 79,00
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