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BlancOne gives you another reason to smile and allows you to do it on every occasion.

Have you tried BlancOne CLICK amazing WOW EFFECT? Great! You can do much more!

Choose a healthy and extraordinarily white smile and choose to have it for ever. Find the best solution for you with your trusted professional.

Your White for Lifepath.


The fast, painless, and effective post-hygiene tooth whitening treatment.

At your convenience repeat BlancOne® CLICK, the fast tooth whitening treatment conceived for you who need practical and fast solutions to obtain an even whiter smile after the dental hygiene.

Only 10 minutes and a small budget to obtain surprising results and a brighter look for your smile after each application!


The ideal, intensive, and delicate treatment for a top smile.

BlancOne TOUCH allows you to reach a deeper and longer lasting shade of white in a comfortable tooth whitening session.

Under the supervision of the professional BlancOne TOUCH doesn’t result in sensitivity and can be repeated more frequently without damaging the enamel.


The professional whitening treatment which can be performed at home as a follow-up to your in-office treatment.

Would you like to take care of your smile easily from home with top results? Now you can thanks to HOME!


Simple and fast daily rituals, ideal to maintain in time the results of your in-office tooth whitening treatments.

The BlancOne® Rituals line includes all the products dedicated to the beauty and care of your smile, ideal to maintain in time the results of BlancOne® tooth whitening professional treatments.

BlancOne does not require distinctive features.
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