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BlancOne® LIPS

Repairing and conditioning lip balm

  • Protecting lips from free radicals
  • Nourishing and hydrating action
  • 5 wonderful flavours and Natural, flavour free

100% Natural Formula

With beeswax, hemp oil, shea butter.
Without petrolatum, paraffin, silicon, parabens.

With Vitamin E (tocopherol)

A powerful antioxidizing agent, it protects from free radicals, helping the hydration and nourishment of chapped lips.

Available in 6 wonderful flavours

A delicious “mouth-watering” taste, even in the Natural version.

Ideal complement to the whitening treatment

Apply BlancOne® LIPS before your in-office treatment.

Offer BlancOne® LIPS to your patients as an end of session token, they will carry it with them for deliciously flavoured and hydrated lips.

  • BlancOne® LIPS


  • BlancOne® LIPS

    Arctic Ice

  • BlancOne® LIPS

    Orange Cream

  • BlancOne® LIPS

    Raspberry Pomegranate

  • BlancOne® LIPS

    Vanilla Mint

  • BlancOne® LIPS


BlancOne® LIPSMixed BlancOne LIPS box12 Lips Sticks (2 sticks for each flavour)
016000BlancOne® LIPSMixed BlancOne LIPS box12 Lips Sticks (2 sticks for each flavour)016001BlancOne® LIPS Promoting DisplayIt can contain up to 48 sticks (not included)
Soy Wax, Candelilla Wax, Beeswax, Capric/Capryllic Triglycerides, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oli, Limanthes Alba Seed Oil, Castor Isosteearate Succinate, Shea Butter, Tacopheryl (Vit. E), Flavour
Natural, Arctic Ice, Orange Cream, Raspberry Pomegranate, Vanilla Mint, Fig&Pear
Offer the BlancOne® RITUALS set in the SMILE BOX!
Give another reason to smile thanks to BlancOne® Rituals.