BlancOne® Xtra

Home maintenance programme
  • Prolong the results of professional whitening
  • Eliminate plaque and surface stains
  • Take care of your smile health and beauty with simple everyday gestures

Welcome to BlancOne® Xtra, a home-based programme to always keep your smile white and bright, through the synergic action of two treatments: DUETTO and STICK.
BlancOne® Xtra can be combined with any studio treatment to prolong its effectiveness and stability.

BlancOne® DUETTO is a professional solution based on two different gels, ACTIVE and CARE, to be used alternately instead of regular toothpaste.
The combined action of DUETTO gently removes plaque and superficial stains, nourishing and protecting gums, reinforcing the enamel.

BlancOne® STICK is a whitening stick releasing active oxygen to remove nicotine, coffee, tea, food and drink stains.
Maintain the professional whitening results; carry it with you at all times, making your smile shiny and bright for important occasions.


BlancOne® Xtra Protocol consists in a three months home maintenance cycle.


The schedule summarises, week by week, the whole 12 weeks protocol. Use the colours guide included in the kit to monitor the shade Aof white.


BlancOne Xtra is a cosmetic whitening treatment that complies with Directive 2011/84/EU