Does dental bleaching always work?

The results of a teeth bleaching procedure depend on the type of stain, the initial tooth shade and a person’s age. In some cases, the original shade can be restored simply through a professional teeth cleaning session (extrinsic stains).

Professional dental bleaching can greatly improve the appearance of even heavily stained teeth. However, some stains do not improve with bleaching:

  • Teeth with tetracycline stains and teeth subjected to root canal therapy cannot be bleached effectively with H2O2 concentrations of less than 6% and may require several treatment sessions.
  • Inorganic stains (e.g. grey stains following the release of metal from amalgam fillings) do not react to bleaching.
  • Bleaching cannot change the colour of the materials used for restorations and prostheses (composites, resins, ceramic, etc.).

If calcifications are present (white spots) in the tooth structure, the bleaching process may highlight such stains.

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