Drinking green tea is good for you
But not for the white of your teeth...

Green tea, like all teas and coffees, stains tooth enamel.
However, that doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it from your diet. In fact, in addition to having anti-oxidising properties, it is excellent for the health of your teeth, helps to eliminate bad breath and reduces the risk of plaque and cavities.

Having white teeth is not
considered beautiful all around the world…

Having white teeth is not considered attractive all around the world…on the contrary, some people even deliberately dye them black……
Ann, the black teeth tribe which is nearing extinction and lives in Burma in the area of the Golden Triangle, got its name from chewing berries that “lacquer” their tooth enamel jet-black.

VIPs show off perfect and super white smiles
that are very often artificial…

In fact, it is possible to redesign your smile, eliminating small imperfections, although at exorbitant costs, by coating teeth with ceramic veneer.
Unlike teeth whitening through which teeth reacquire their natural shade (basically the one when we were children), the colour of the veneer is chosen from a table, which means it is possible to choose a non-natural white shade.

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