What are “white shades” and how are they measured?

The dentist uses a shade guide to determine the shade of teeth. This shade guide represents the natural shades of teeth, dividing them by shade (A-D) and intensity (1-4).
For bleaching, the shade guide is reorganised from the darkest shade (C4) to the lightest (B1).
Vita and Vitapan sono marchi registrati da Vita Zahnfabrik, AG, Germany.Therefore, if through bleaching the shade changes from A 3.5 to A1 it means that the teeth were bleached by 10 shades.

Recently, with the evolution in professional dental bleaching white shades darker than B1 have been achieved, for which shade guides have been introduced that include 3 additional shades of white besides the 16 natural shades of the VITA Classic guide.

Shade guides have been specially developed for bleaching in the USA where many of the traditional bleaching treatments come from. These shade guides have 29 shades and cannot be compared to the Classic VITA guide used in Europe.
When talking about bleaching shades, it would be important to know what reference shade guide is being used.

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