Does dental bleaching have any risks?

Effective and safe teeth bleaching requires a correct diagnosis of the problems related to bleaching and teeth stains. This diagnosis can be carried out only by a professional, i.e., a dentist or dental hygienist.
In terms of side effects dental sensitivity caused by bleaching is the most commonly mentioned adverse reaction.

To limit the risk of dental sensitivity, almost all bleaching products on the market – except for BlancOne®– include desensitizing and remineralizing agents.

At concentrations of more than 10%, hydrogen peroxide is potentially corrosive for the mucous membranes and the skin, causing damage to tissue and a burning feeling. In these cases, proper barriers are needed to protect the gums during the bleaching procedure.

Even using concentrations of less than 6%, gum irritation is frequently associated with the extended home use of bleaching trays.


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