BlancOne White for Life

In addition to providing efficacious whitening solutions that are side effect-free, one of the key aspects of the BlancOne mission is to deliver a whiter smile that lasts over time, and is affordable for everyone.
With this in mind, we have developed treatments that protect the enamel without dehydrating it, thereby preventing the pigments being rapidly re-absorbed inside it.

Although scientific research has shown that whitening treatments maintain part of their effect for as long as 10 years, in the same as we need to shower and have our hair cut every so often, regular maintenance is needed to keep a smile dazzling white.

The first step towards a bright smile lies in the daily use of a toothpaste that effectively removes superficial stains and plaque, without damaging the teeth and gums, and that at the same time also meets all our oral hygiene needs.
The penetration of the pigments inside the tooth enamel is all the more effective in smokers and coffee or tea-drinkers. BlancOne has therefore created a number of home maintenance products, such as BlancOne STICK, to allow you to regularly restore the white and shine of your smile.

However, BlancOne has taken things one step further, by creating WHITE FOR LIFE, a free smile monitoring programme, and treatments such as BlancOne CLICK, which can be combined with professional oral hygiene sessions, to create a health, wellness and beauty programme for our teeth.


When you have a treatment, BlancOne PRO, a practice dedicated application, records your initial colour and takes a photograph. The same procedure is repeated once the treatment has been performed, for an instant indication of the improvement obtained.


Depending on your lifestyle (smoker, coffee or tea drinker) and the type of treatment performed, the application will contact you to come back to the dental practice for a free smile check-up, so that you can evaluate, together with your dentist or hygienist, whether you need another whitening treatment, a little maintenance or simply need to book your next check-up.


The app will also create a personal reserved area online in which you can consult your pictures before and after each treatment and monitor the way your shade of white changes over time, by means of a graph that records the shade before and after treatments and at check-ups.
Using your reserved area, you will also be able to give your opinion on the treatment and make comments, because your opinion and satisfaction are of great importance to us!