BlancOne® Innovation

BlancOne® , thanks to light energy and special photosensitizers, can break up the whitening active principle (hydrogen peroxide) into highly reactive oxygen, at the “speed of light”. This has made it possible to significantly reduce both time and concentrations, creating whitening treatments capable of eliminating side effects to guarantee effective, natural and long-lasting whitening results.

BlancOne® treatments do not use heat, very acidic or basic pH levels or metallic reagents. Thanks to their accelerated action mechanism and the use of low concentrations, BlancOne® treatments won’t dehydrate tooth enamel, the cause of dentin sensitivity, which often occurs with traditional whitening treatments. Unlike all other whitening treatments, BlancOne® treatments do not contain desensitizing agents.

By carrying out a series of fast whitening cycles, repeated during the same session under the constant control of the professional operator, BlancOne® treatments guarantee absolute professionalism, protection and comfort for the patient.

By respecting the enamel, the white shade of the tooth is natural, stable and long lasting and no specific diet or remineralizing products are required after the treatment.

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